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It was okay with the low-mounted Aimpoint, and I assume it would be fine with a small scope mounted low. With the larger scope the comb was hopelessly low.

This also has nothing to do with raw accuracy, but everything to do with getting a comfortable and consistent cheek-weld for shooting groups. I strapped on a left-handed Hornady cheekpiece and adjusted it a bit so the fit was perfect.

I do know the. My intention was to cool and clean between groups, which I did, but I noticed significant vertical stringing within the first few groups. This is not uncommon with tubular-magazine lever-actions. The barrel and magazine are pinned together cash advance loans a fore-end cap. During firing the barrel heats (and expands), but the tubular magazine does not. Too much heat and accuracy can begin to degrade.

Per American Rifleman protocol, I fired five five-shot groups. I took it slow, allowing the barrel to cool between shots in April temperatures that were in the low 70s. Groups were measured at extreme spread with a micrometer, then 0. The best group of cash advance loans five was 0. The worst was a very mediocre 1. But the average for all five cash advance loans was 1. In bolt-action terms that is not exceptional, but might be acceptable.

That level of accuracy is all anybody needs from a. The rifle kicked itself clear of the sandbags with every shot, but.

The trigger pull is superb, and loading and unloading were smooth and easy. I noted that there was some velocity loss from the short barrel. FTX is rated at 2050 f. Monoflex load is rated a bit slower at 2025 f. Actual velocity with the 18. Obviously the short, handy guide gun concept trades off some velocity, but the bullet is still of large diameter and hits hard.

BRINGING HOME THE BACONIn my case, the light-for-caliber Monoflex bullet was the only available load I could use, so I got a date in April with Chad Wiebe of Oak Stone Outfitters (oakstoneoutfitters.

In the morning we saw quite a few pigs, but I gave my wife Donna the first shot, and she shot a really big hog with her 7 mm-08 Rem. Now it was my turn, but wind and heat came up quickly and we saw no more pigs. The evening was cooling fast, good, but cash loans the wind was still strong, not so good. Chad and I looked high and low all afternoon, seeing zero pigs, which is pretty unusual in this area.

The light was fading, and I was thinking it was going to be another short night and early morning when we came around a corner and saw four pigs rooting at 70 yds. They were all about the same size, maybe 150 lbs. I picked the one that looked the largest, waited until it turned broadside, and put the red dot on the center of the shoulder. There was no noticeable reaction, but the other three pigs ran left and that pig ran straight away, lost behind a tree before I could work the lever.

I was pretty sure of a hit and so was Chad, but dark was coming fast. Quickly finding blood where the pig had stood, we took the line. The pig was down in less than 40 yds. That little Monoflex bullet had gone in one shoulder and out the other, little damage but a very dead pig-just like it had been hit by a. So should I send it back or keep it and take it on a bear hunt. At 144 years old, the. Modern loads include (above, l. Super Hard Cast, which is suitable only in modern actions.

That made feeding cartridges smooth and easy (1). Shooting drills using paper plates as targets may suggest that a tubular-magazine lever-action is not capable of fine accuracy, but the author found otherwise when he slowed down between shots as shown on both plates (4). More SUBSCRIBE cash loans Comments On This Article RELATED Blood on the Border: The Battle of Columbus I Have This Old Gun: U.

Model 1803 Rifle NRA Gun of the Week: Uberti 1875 No. Best dive bar in town, anyone can come here and have a good time, they put on excellent events all week and weekend and have the best staff and drinks, Alanah is exceptionally kind.

Typical dive bar CASH ONLY Be prepared it's cash only!. Previous reviews advised bar was a little smokey. I didn't get that impression at all. It is defintely a small hole in the wall. They have a small upstairs area that is away from the music if you happen to be there on a music night. Bathrooms are tiny, and only one person at a time.

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